The Violinist Tag: Genesis and the Journey 

Hey guys!  So I’ve been such a big fan of these tag posts. Feeling like they give you all a bit of a personal insight to my life or rather how I started this violin thing out.. So I’m going to do a violinist tag. Basically a few questions here and there I get about violin and everything in that line. Enjoy 😍 1 Why the violin?  Honestly I get this question all the time. I didn’t really pick my instrument you know..it sort of picked me. I saw violin as a list of options when I was joining Mount Kenya Academy and I never looked back. 2. Where did you start playing violin and for How long have you been playing? I started playing violin when I joined Mount Kenya Academy in Nyeri. I was in class 6. It has been around 8 years going to nine now. 3. Favorite composer?  Tough one. I don’t think I can honestly say I love one in particular. I have a gang of favorites though..Bach,Beethoven, Mozart definitely top my list. 4. Favorite violin composition? Bach concerto for two violins. It’s been my favorite since I watched this amazing movie Music of The Heart that’s based on a violin teacher teaching inner city kids. Loved it 5. Best place you’ve performed at? I have loved every place I have performed in..but..I left a huge chunk of my heart at Campi Ya Kanzi. Here is the link to the blog posts on the Kanzi experience in case you haven’t checked it out here.   6. Best show you’ve attended? Probably has to be the Harrogate International Youth Festival of 2013 in the U.K.. was lucky enough to play a few times but the best part was watching all those amazing performances. Definitely left me very inspired. 7. If you could play one string instrument other the violin, what would it be? It would have to be the cello. No doubt. 8. Who do you owe your success this far? God. It’s been such a long tiresome journey and so many days I want to quit..but God. He’s been super amazing. Also my mum. She had to put up with my terrible playing (okay, screeching) when I just started learning violin. She had to  put up with Twinkle Twinkle played wrong a dozen times. She had to pay for lessons, buy material, take me for exams. She really went through it. Not that it’s over for her, she still takes me for shows..calls me if she can’t make it before and after..cheers me on. Safe to say, she’s my number one fan! 9. Who has been your most influential teacher?  All my teachers have been so amazing. Everyone has left me with a lesson for life..however, my first violin teacher Miss Gillian..I owe her everything. Learning an instrument is hell. Starting out is so discouraging..but she was so patient and kind to me. She listened to me cry and whine and complain but she always encouraged me to do better and to be better! 10: So we see you’ve worked with Sauti Sol, let’s talk about you on Nerea  with Amos and Josh and everything after.. Working with Sauti Sol and Amos and Josh was probably one of the most amazing things to happen to me. They are such a bunch of amazing guys and Nerea was a fantastic song. After shooting for Nerea, I honestly forgot I did the song..until the video came out and I was like “OMG! I’m in a video!!with Sauti Sol!!!! *screams*”..yeah, I was dead excited. Here is a link to the video Here  I got to do an acoustic performance of the song with them on The Trend which you can get here. I was also honored enough to play at the launch for Sauti Sols Album Live and Die in Afrika.  They are fantastic musicians and super funny people in person.

Performing at the Sauti Sol Album Launch

Performing at the Sauti Sol Album Launch

11. So most people in the industry have a mentor. Has anyone taken you under their wing? Yes actually. Scott The Violinist is my mentor. He drills me and makes me practice extra hard. If I need any help, he’s always there. He takes me for his shows where I’m able to learn new things and network. He’s a great mentor really. 

Pictured with my mentor Scott Mwangi aka Scott The Violinist performing on the Trend with Sauti Sol and Amos and Josh

12. Where do you play?  I play for the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya. It’s a social program that hopes to breed the finest classical musicians as well as new wave of young leaders.  Gonna attach a few links to the website here and the social media pages. We are on Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to check us out, follow back and turn up for our shows!  13. Last place you performed? The last show I played for was the Young Entrepreneurs Dinner 2016. Aside from the fact that I got to perform, I met a lot of people doing it big in various industries. Also a chance to learn from an amazing panel of top entrepreneurs. Something I would do again! 

Performing at the Young Entrepreneurs Dinner 2016 at KICC

14.So what’s next for Champagne Violinist. Well, if I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?  So it’s a wrap.. But before I leave, you can check this girl out and chat me up on Instagram , Twitter, Snapchat (champagnekimie) and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions! Love and Love ❤️  K