In My Library

In My Library: My Read of the Month

Hey guys, I’m a big lover of books, so my bookworm self decided  to introduce another segment of my blog: In My Library. I’ll basically feature my favorite read every so often , or something I read and I loved. Kinda giving you a peek into my library. The first book I’ll post is one I’m currently reading. It’s Jeffery Archer-The Prodigal Daughter  The book is second in a gripping trilogy by the amazing Jeffery Archer. The I actually read the entire series years ago, but I forgot the plot so I needed to re read. Not a big Jeffery Archer fan, but these books have done it for me. I’m having the hardest time not reading past my bedtime. Yes they are that good. Don’t want to give you spoilers, but the trilogy revolves around the lives of two men . Through the first book Kane and Abel, we see two men born worlds apart on the same day. Their paths cross and blood bad shed . The second book The Prodigal Daughter shifts the focus to their children. The third, Shall We Tell The President, the protagonist Florentyna Kane. I can only speak for the 200 of 485 pages, and I see it fit to describe them in two words.   It’s Lit.     Would I recommend it: Yes. The first Where do you get your books from? I buy my books from the online store Ides of March. Love them coz of the packaging, and i get the books delivered to my doorstep if im in Nairobi or Meru.

Isn’t the packaging from Ides of March so cute?

Love and Love, Read a Book. K.