Taking Stock: 1

Hey guys, So we’re taking Stock. Here you go!  Drinking: More Water. And green tea. Last Album I Listened To: Solangé- A Seat At The Table. Reading: Shall We Tell The President – Jeffery Archer Last thing I watched: Madam Secretary Season 3 episode 7. Last Song I Listened To: Mayonde- Magic in The Air ( Side Bar: Her vocals though 😍) Craving: A vanilla milkshake. And Sushi. 🍣 🍣 

Learning: To accept that some days won’t always be good. Love the bad days all the same
Where I’d rather be: Samburu. On  safari.  Thankful: For friendships built on truth and honesty. Now watching: My kittens play. Yes cat lady.  That’s all for now. Gotta get my kittens out of my shoes! 😏 Xs and Os  K. ❤️