Cat Lovers Club and Cat Facts!

Hey good people! So today, I wanted to introduce you wonderful people to my amazing cats. I call them the minions of doom because they are..a lot. Of trouble..doom…love..sigh! I have 3 adorable cats. Two are kittens about three and a half months and the eldest is almost one year old! So thing about cats, they aren’t just animals that wanna scratch your face out. That would be a stereotype. As someone who has owned both cats and dogs, I have absolutely fallen in love with cats.  So why cats over dogs?  Contrary to popular belief, cats are very independent and clean. I liked that over dogs. Didn’t have to potty train any of my cats when I met them. We all know dogs are a different story. Cats are also really independent. Unlike dogs who follow you around, cats just can’t be bothered. If they love you, it’s a different story however.  Anyway, I digress. Meet Snuffles. Snuffles is my baby. He’s pretty chilled out unlike his counterpart who I shall introduce shortly. Snuffles likes cuddles. Really likes cuddles and treats. He’s super friendly to basically anyone who pets him. You can probably find Snuffles at your feet, asleep on his favorite white rug, or playing with his partner-in-terror, Kanono. My other baby is Pinky alias Kanono Pinky is the only girl in this terrific trio. She is also the primary troublemaker in the house. She’s playful. Always running around the house climbing things, dropping things. I nicknamed her Kanono because she loves to eat. I mean she will steal the meat off your plate if you’re not careful. Then she throws the cute eyes and yeah, well that’s that. You can find her, in your shoes (I’m telling you she loves shoes) or running around the house. She’s super shy and usually doesn’t walk up to you until she’s super used to you.  Finally, the big boy Daisy! Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Big boy…Daisy??? I know I know. So when I first got him, I thought he was a her. By the time I found out it was waaaaaaaaaay to late. The name already stuck.  He’s basically the eldest. Since I’ve had him for almost an year, you can say we have a pretty amazing relationship.  He’s a laid back cat. Absolutely loves being held and cuddles. Likes all things meat. Loves attention. He’s also pretty friendly. Took him and the two mini-minions a while to get used to each other, but they love each other now. He’s in between being an outside and inside cat. He loves to play with other cats, so I gave up trying to keep him inside and decided to let him roam. If I’m leaving I leave a window open and he comes back. I don’t ask questions, I’m just glad I see him 😂 Should you get a cat? Yes! I know people say they are terrible but you will be so surprised at how fast you’ll fall in love. Trust me, I have three cats! 😉 X.O K. Ps- be sure to follow me on social media  Instagram:@champagne_kimberley Twitter: @ChampagneKimie Tumblr: kimieoreo7 And subscribe!  Xo