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A change of heart.

Hey guys,  So as I said in my last post here, I was reading a Jeffery Archer triology that I FINALLY finished.  The final book, Shall we Tell the President was amazing. It took me a while to finish because of exams, but now that I’m done..I can read and play violin all I want *happy dance* And I am on my newest addiction, Arrow of God- Chinua Achebe. To be honest, my sphere of literature has slowly been shifting to African Literature. I feel like it’s closer to home and way more relatable stories. Also, the rising feeling of pan Africanism in my chest. This literature is so powerful! I knew it was real when I read this book in a day. Yup. I sat down for a day and finished it! Yaaay me! The book focuses on a traditional society struggling to maintain their culture admits the onset of the west. Our protagonist, the Chef Priest Ezeulu, of the Ulu embodies a man riddled with doubt but still keen on holding on to tradition.  Feeling like these books embody out struggle as Africans, to remain authentic despite external influences. That is the real challenge. Would I recommend it: Yes if you’re looking for African Literature. Chinua is actually great. I’m very disappointed I didn’t start this sooner to be honest. Let me know what you’re reading! I’m always looking for new books to explore! Drop a comment below! Also forgot to mention I’m doing a Goodreads Reading Challenge! Trying to have read 60 books by the end of this year, and I am currently on book 6/60! Hope you’re doing the challenge too! Love and Os!  K

The world is like a Mask dancing,if you want to see it well,you do not stand in one place. -Chinua Achebe
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