Taking Stock 2

Hey guys, We’re back. Another month down and I’m honestly just sitting here wondering where my holiday went. *sigh*. Here we go   Drinking: Lots of water. I really have dropped drinking soda and i can feel the difference in my skin. I also feel a lot better so yay water!   Last Album I listened to; Migos-Culture. It was hard for me to get through this one, but it really stuck. I love it.   Reading: Chinua Achebe-Arrow of God.    Last thing I watched: Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 1. I am honestly hooked to this series, and im just starting season 5. It’s really such a ball and low-key funny  

Last song I listened to: Migos- Tshirt. I really like this song though.   Craving:A Java Strawberry Salad. I’m in Meru and there’s no Java here so I am suffering for now. Solution-make my own salad.    
 Learning: That its okay if some things don’t work out. Good things fall apart so better things can’t fall together. There is hope.  Where I’d rather be: Honestly, I am in my fave place, at home with my mum so there’s no place I would rather be.  
         Thankful for: Life. This beautiful life we live. This beautiful earth. Thankful for life. Now watching: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Honestly here for “Moto Moto” 😂     Lots of love people! Xs and Os K