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The Violinist Tag 2.

Hey guys,

So over the years I’ve gotten a ton of people asking a lot of questions on violin and all things violin. So I decided to do a violin tag to answer all your questions! Xs and Os 1.)  When and where did you start playing the violin? I started playing when I was 12 years old at Mount Kenya Academy, Nyeri.     2.) Who were your earliest influences musically? Eh well (lol) I don’t know if Whitney Houston and Celine Dion count, but in terms of violin, I would have to say my first music teacher Miss Gillian.She kinda helped me through the hardest part which was just getting through beginning a new instrument and continuing to play even when things get hard. Antonio Vivaldi was probably one of these too. He was the first composer I ever took an active interest listening to, and I fell absolutely in love I named my violin after him!     3.) Why the violin? Not piano or drums? The violin chose me *drops mic*     4.) Three pieces of music you love Spring Antonio Vivaldi Symphony no.5 – Tchaikovsky Concerto for two violins – Bach     5.) Four musical favorites. Vivaldi Bach Beethoven Tchaikovsky 6.) Your greatest concert experience. Tough greatest concert experience was probably the flash mob concert with the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya! It was a few years back, and we had an amazing show at the Village Market. Youcan check out more of that here! 7.)Do you think you’ll ever switch instruments? Not likely. I tried the piano for a bit. It was fun, really complicated but fun all the same. But, it wasn’t for me. I think ill stick to my violin.     8. Besides classical music, what types of music and artists do you listen to? Haha everything honestly. Can’t say I’m the type of person who loves only one genre. I love everything from rock to reggae to jazz. Yeah.     9: What would you say to someone who’s just started learning an instrument and feels like it’s a lost cause? Hmm..I saw something the other day “Allow yourself to be a beginner, No one starts off at the top” and I feel like it applies with this. We all want to be good overnight and we’re so busy in that we forget to enjoy the process of getting there. I would  say, enjoy being a beginner, think of it not as a new challenge but the start of a new adventure.  Allow yourself to play  twinkle twinkle little star twenty times until you get it right. Allow yourself to try a scale fifty times before you can play at least 5 notes. Appreciate the progress, this new thing you’re doing. Allow yourself to start from somewhere. And you are making an inanimate object sing..dude..thats kinda awesome.     10: What is it like playing in an orchestra in Kenya? Playing for an orchestra has honestly been loads of fun! Other than the musical growth involved, it’s always amazing getting to meet other musicians from all over and speak the same language. Xs and Os my loves!   PS Be sure to follow the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya On FacebookTwitter and Instagram  to stay updated on upcoming concerts! Xoxo   Ps- be sure to follow me on social media  Instagram:@champagne_kimberley Twitter: @ChampagneKimie And subscribe!  K  

Photography: See Na Mimi

Makeup: Sarah.