Be kind to you.

Hey guys, So I admit, more often than not, I am my harshest critics rather than my biggest fan. Some days I forget to cheer myself on, take a deep breath and realize how far I’ve already come. Some days I’m unkind to me. Learning to love myself and cheer myself on. To remind myself that I am still a work in progress in every aspect of my life; mental, physical, emotional, musical. Learning that I should take care of me, body mind and soul. Eat better, feel better, work out ( this part though 😩😩)…reading more of my favorite books, playing my favorite music. Learning to have days when I can just put my feet up and relax..we all need to recharge once in a while don’t we? Because it’s so easy for you to bash yourself down and forget how far you’ve come, easy to forget just how much you’ve achieved. Buy yourself your favorite (healthy lol) treat, put your feet up and enjoy this life once in a while. Be kind to you.. Photography by:  Sabrina. Makeup by: Sandra