In My Library

Doodles and All.

Hey guys! So you have all been missed! It’s been a minute but I’ve been fighting to finally finish the Chinua Achebe book, which I finally did! Wohoo! The Chinua Achebe Anthills of the Savannah focuses on the lives of three friends; Chris, Ikem and Betty under the rule of one of their former friends, Sam in Bassa. The story reveals the cracks in governance inherited from colonialism and challenges faced today. Also, kinda tragic ending but like all Chinua books, enlightening. I would give it a 6/ took me waay too long to finish this book. I managed to sneak another since we las left, and one of them was Adulthood Is A Myth.  It’s a doodle book, which is still a book anyway. lol Sarah’s doodles focus on everyday adult issues, that are a myth. It was a really funny book, my go-to when I’m feeling down. These doodles accurately described my life! I got the book from ides of March bookstore I just got my hands on Under the Udala Tree by Chinelo Okparanta. Highly highly recommended but I’m actually just three words in 😂 yeah we just started. Still looking out for recommendations on what to read! You can definitely give me some in the comment section below!   Read a book, good people.   Xs and Os always! K