Taking Stock 3

Hey people So May has been a bit of a hectic month. School is back and we are on with a plate full of extra curriculars. I’ve also been trying to go to the gym more often, mornings especially. What a mission, considering I LOVE MY SLEEP! Oh well, we’ll get through! Drinking:  A lot of the Kericho Gold teas. My faves are Vanilla, Chocolate,Love, Rose and Hangover tea( yup, it works) Last Album I listened to: King Kendrick Lamar-Damn. Heavy heavy heavy stuff. Loved this man for a minute. Loved t!! Reading: Under the Udala Trees: Chinelo Okparanta Last thing I watched: House of Cards Season 2 Episode 1 Last song I listened to: Nyashinksi-Malaika Craving: Sushi. Guys I still haven’t gone for this sushi. Punishment. Learning: To forgive myself. I’ve been super hard on myself these last few weeks. Guilt and all riding me down, especially over things I can’t change. Slowly learning to not beat myself up to death over my wrongs, and learn and improve from them instead. Where I’d rather be: In bed. With my cats. Currently studying, in the library. My new best friend courtesy of my International Law class. It’s crazy. Thankful for: Change. So many changes have been going on in my life. Some necessary some I have had to adapt to. Some days I hate the change, because I was happy where I was..but change brings I am thankful for this changes. Now watching: House of Cards Season 2. Guys I know I am failing in the series department. But I promise to try (lol really try) catch up Xs and Os ♥️ K