Champagne Violin

The Good Kenyan Launch.

Hey guys, So some time back I had the honor of playing for a wonderful initiative, the Good Kenyan Launch. The Good Kenyan is a social enterprise that aims to create packages through recycled materials. The target audience is high school leavers who engage in this four-month project. The initiative was started by Humphrey Kayange and Lucy Kimaru.

With Good Kenyan Founders Humphery Kayange and Lucy Kimaru

The program also teaches young people how to be financially independent, through financial training. The dinner was a simple, elegant and FUN affair. Filled with lots of learning, laughter, food and music! I had such a fantastic time! Also a wonderful opportunity to network.

YAAY gifts! 🙌🏾

Huge thank you to the wonderful people behind this magnificent project! Literally had a beautiful time! Ps- be sure to follow me on social media Instagram:@champagne_kimberley Twitter: @ChampagneKimie<br scribe! and Os<br t;