I’ve been silent. I’ve been thinking. Dreaming. Crying. Healing. Scheming.  I’ve been in my beautiful bubble trying to find myself in my pain. I’ve been living and learning.  This space, of not knowing. Of deep pain and beautiful happiness. I’m growing and learning everyday.  This space, this beautiful space I want to run from but need. This space I want to be away from, but is necessary for growth. I am finding myself in this beautiful space. And I am falling in love with who I meet. This gorgeous mess of a human being, spotted with flaws and highlighted by wild dreams. The girl who tells me about her childhood dreams, and how every day she’s lucky to live her dreams.  I am in limbo. But I love it. And I need this limbo. And I will come out perhaps a more refined, graceful and happier version of myself.  This caterpillar is becoming a butterfly.. Until then, Aluta Continua..