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Under the Udala Tree.

Loves and lovers of books! So I finally wrapped up Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta and all I can truly and honestly say, it has blown me away! The story weaves around the story of Ijemona, from her early life during the Biafra war, to the loss of her father and to the discovery of her sexuality. We see her fall in love with a Hausa, a somehwhat forbidden love to loosing the love of her life, and finding love all over again. I’m not going to give any more detail, it gets absolutely LIT! And it’s so relatable.  The book gives an honest look into what African Societies perceive by same sex marriages, or same sex love. Through Ijemona, we see the struggle of millions of African men and women who can’t come out, cannot love, cannot be happy, for fear that it will cost them their lives. This hit home. Please pick it up, or order it, borrow it from a friend…Whatever you do, read this book. PS-Got the absolute CUTEST book lover mugs from Pilli Kenya! Be sure to drop by and check them out!  Pick a book up today! ♥️ K