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I do not come to you by chance.

Choices. And the intriguing world of  email scamming. This book is all about choices. And how a single decision, a single yes and no can have a ripple effect in your life. How a single decision shapes our lives. I do not come to you by chance is one of those books that gets you from the get go. Set in the village of Umahia, the story revolves around a young man Kingsley. After the devastating loss of his father, he is thrust to the world of money laundering. The story shows the struggle of a morally upright person, pushed to the limit to support his family, and eventually loosing and finding himself. We are taken into the world of email scamming. Every thing you could have ever read,heard, seen on the world of email scamming is exposed. For me, it was interesting to find out how it worked. This book was a bit more of a spiritual journey too. I related with Kingsley, having to go down a line of work he wasn’t proud of, but had to do anyway. We all do things we’re not proud of to survive! But that is, that’s life. And that moment does not define us, it’s the moment we decide to make it right. That’s all that matters. You will lose yourself and find yourself in Kingsley. Don’t be afraid to go on that journey! ❤️ Be brave! K