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Two in one!

Hey good bibliophile! So  This book was a bit slow at the get go. I was so irritated at how slow it was. I mean I started it, sure that I would finish it overnight, but I could not get past the first three pages. Then again, it’s probably because I had just finished I do not come to you by chance. Post colonial Africa is depicted in a manner of ways, but this book brings it from the humor and honesty of a young boy growing up in Africa. In Michael I see a dreamer, I see a lot of me too. Dreams and day dreams heavily influenced by Western Culture. I see Day dreams of white skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Of European suits and Japanese cars. I see me. Micheal is a young man in Congo stuck between rambling communist mantras from his uncle and stopping himself from trying to not fall for his brothers sister. Most of the time, he’s trying to find the key to his mother’s womb  🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ (if you just went “what the heck?!” Please go buy the book. No spoilers 😂) We need new names was raw and real. The story is centered around the wonderful Darling living in Zimbabwe. We see her surrounded by friends as the struggle to manoeuver through the harsh realities of life. I saw a young girl who dreamed of living in America, and her dreams came true. Perhaps we should be careful what we wish for. From Darling we see a constant struggle of culture. The struggle to adapt and be assimilated to one culture but to still remain true to your roots. Soon she’s trapped in a foreign life after her visa expires and she cannot return home although she aches to return. She manages to stay in touch with her friends and the book ends with a dramatic twist, talking to one of her former friends calls her out on not being a real Zimbabwean. Why these two? They are both centered around children and give a different perspective. But I loved We Need New Names more. Read often! XO K