Chaos and Order.

Hey guys!  So much happening at the same time! I feel like there’s been so much, chaos and noise. I’m learning how to tune out the noise, and take a bit more time for myself! It’s working! Here’s a few tips: Put time aside for yourself everyday! We get so caught up in life and living and running around we forget to take a minute for ourselves! Put it down in your planner or diary every day! Five minutes of you time makes a huge difference. Unplug: Spend Time Away from your phone I’ve been taking a little time off my devices every day. I can honestly say it helps. Instead of scrolling through Twitter, I spend more time offline! I love it. Meditate. This was recommended to me by my best friend. I laughed when he told me about this app called Headspace which helps with meditation. Now I’m basically hooked. Walk. Often. I know it sounds silly. But taking short walks has been such a stress reliever. Also given me a lot of time to think! Put on some music and dance! I have a pick-me-up playlist for when I’m feeling meeh or just when I really need a good dance!  Binge watch your favorite show. Because a whole season of Greys Anatomy in one sitting never hurt anyone right!  Pray. Every moment spent talking to God is never wasted. In the middle of the chaos and madness, sneak in a minute to talk to God. He’s always listening. I promise! Don’t ever feel guilty for taking time to care of YOU! That’s the most important person after all! Xs and Os always! ❤️ K Ps- be sure to follow me on social media  Instagram:@champagne_kimberley Twitter: @ChampagneKimie And subscribe!