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Finding Paradise.

Hey guys! So I had never been to Paradise Lost up until I did this post! Yes I know what you’re could it have taken me so long? Paradise Lost is a delicious slice of nature away from the city hustle and bustle, with a whole bunch of activities available like horse riding (not for me) boat rides, camel rides and you can picnic! It was 300Ksh for entrance fees, and 200Ksh for cars…and 200Ksh to visit the caves. Not bad. And you can carry food and picnic (picnics are always a good idea)

Fell in love with this!

This wasn’t a planned adventure actually. I just wanted a day out of the house . And this place was just the therapy I needed!I have no regrets! It is a beautiful place and one of those places I REALLY enjoyed visiting. From the scenic walks to the caves (which I needed convincing to get into 😫) it was absolutely worth it! And after all that just getting to sit by the lake. Everything.< pan id="img_container_C5BBEFA3-29AA-44CE-9B70-CFD53A35898B" class="img_container"> What I took home from this, is taking time to enjoy the little things in life!  Literally a day out of the house made a whole lot of difference. Find paradise in the little things; A day out of the house, a walk…there is beauty in the little things.

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