Taking Stock 5.


Thinking face…I think?

In the hustle and bustle of these last few weeks I’ve been on a wild journey of self discovery. Growing up is uncomfortable, but nothing is more uncomfortable than staying in somewhere you really dont belong. Drinking: Dairy Fresh Vanilla Milk. I’ve been binging on these things all month! Love them. Last Album I listened to: Sza-Ctrl. I was late to hop on the bandwagon but I have not regretted the decision. Album on replay!


Reading: Why Nations Fail. It is amazing. Last thing I watched:  Greys Anatomy Season 13 episode 13. I can’t explain my relationship with Greys Anatomy. And avoiding the spoilers is a task as hard as walking on water.Shonda Rhimes is something else. Last song I listened to:  Tergat Gang- Octopizzo,Barak Jackuzi and Boutous Munene. This song was one of those random songs that come on immediately after you listen to what you wanted. I LOVE it! Never listened to much Octopizzo but after this, I went in. He’s not so bad after all.

I’m walking away, from all the troubles in my life…

Craving: A getaway. And a nap. Learning: That it’s okay to outgrow people, situations, relationships. Life requires us to grow and move forth, even when it hurts. Where I’d rather be: Napping. Thankful: For little steps I can take ahead every day. Now watching: How To Train Your Dragon 2. After a crazy week, I literally love me a good animation movie to unwind and relax!

Find happy in YOU!

Love yourself a bit more this month. And yes, be ready for that growth spurt! Love  ❤️ K PS- Be sure to drop by my Facebook page for videos! Decided to post every so often! Champagne Kimberley