Hey guys, So my birthday passed by and I was kind of wondering what to write for the day. A letter to my 16 year old self seemed appropriate. Enjoy. Dear Kimmie Happy birthday! We made it to another year. If you’re wondering it’s 22 year old you. I know you kind of can’t believe it! You made it to 22. I’ve got some things I wanted us to talk about before we cross this bridge and you can have fun. I’m NOT giving you any spoilers. You’ll have to go through this yourself! But I will give you some pointers. Listen. Be Kind. It sounds ridiculous, but be kind. To yourself. To your friends. To strangers. No matter how mean they are to you..rise above Be ready to learn. Everything. All the time. Lessons aren’t just inside the classroom. Have an open mind, be ready for lessons and pointers from all directions. Be strong. Right now, you’re going through it. I know. Dads not there and you are feeling it. Babe I need you to be strong. I need you to know you’re not alone and that everything works out for the best. And I promise, Dad may die, but he will never leave you or Mum! I promise! Don’t dismiss your mental health. We need to have this discussion. You’re fighting a million things and I know you want to give up. I know you’re scared of talking as well.Babe whatever you are going through, you need to get help. And there is no shame in asking for help. Practice your scales. Every day. It sounds ridiculous but you’ll thank me later. The same way Violin has changed your life this far, it will continue to transform it. Baby, what you have with Vivaldi is special. And your love will take you places. Also, just Incase you happen to go to Naivasha, or anywhere there’s a lake, carry your own mosquito net. Don’t ask. Please just do it. Darling, you’re going to make, eh, a number of mistakes. I won’t lie and say a few 😂but you will grow through what you go through and you cannot be defined by those mistakes. Apologize when you’re wrong, forgive when you’re not. And let things go woman!< img src=”” height=”1136″ class=”wp-image-859″ width=”758″>< em>Things come and go. Not all things last. You will lose your friends you though would last forever, but you will survive that. You, young lady, are a warrior. Pain shapes warriors.<< ur lessons will come and you will grow. You will feel things and you will experience things and you will learn and you will grow. You're amazing. You're not failing my dear. You're learning. I love you. So much. And you are doing great. Please, let this be your reason to live. Dance more, live more, do more baby.Fight everyday! Okay? You deserve this life! Love, The older version of you.< img src="" height="1136" class="wp-image-858" alt="You deserve this life.." width="758">