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“What can grow from nothing?”
A devastating story of the realities the world would like to pretend never existed. The elephant in the room. The worst thing to happen to this continent, the Atlantic Slave Trade. The journey begins with two sisters Effie and Esi and through their lineage the book uncovers the impacts of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade in Africa and America. Devastating. But real. So real. The book was recommended by fellow bookstagramer and I didn’t hesitate to get myself a copy. All through the book I was flung from one painful reality to another. Pain and suffering that trickled down from one generation to another. My heart was not ready . I have felt my heart break. I have felt joy. I have felt anger. What I liked for one part, was how Gyasi fused both African and America to a single story, a little bit of history trickling down from generation to Generation. From Asanteland to the streets of Baltimore, from Fanteland to the cotton plantations of Alabama, each character embodies the history of a different period. Part two brings us closer to now, modern problems faced by people of color. The struggle to be free, to earn that status even when it has been granted to you. A new type of slavery. I loved it! The slave trade set off generations of Africans on the continent and in America on a journey through oppression which we didn’t even ask for by the way. Read up on it. Lots of love! ❤️ K