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Books That Changed My Life

Hi guys, So we all have books that changed the way we view things. So far, I’ve encountered countless literature and have been lucky to go on a multitude of adventures., I kinda decided to come back with a list of 5 books that changed my life.

1. The Diary Of A Young Girl.

Anne Frank

I had heard, but only through literature could I experience the harrowing experience that Anne Frank and her family went through. I encountered this book somewhere in Primary School. It changed my life and to some extent, fueled my love for history. The journey through her family going into hiding, and if a young girl through puberty.
Dear Kitty

2. We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families.

Philip Gourevitch

The way this book captured the story of the Rwanda Genocide Of 19991 it kind of scared me. The book was a critical and eye opening journey through the genocide and the book exposes the cracks that were in the frames long before the actual event happened. An unbiased opinion. You need to read this.

3. Unbowed.

Wangari Maathai

This book had to make it to my favorites, not only Beto love wangari maathai but because her story was brilliant. Unbowed exposes us to a Woman defiantly standing for what she believes in and against all odds manages to get raging success. Her fight, struggle and her astonishing success. She truly was a phenomenal woman for her time.
Throughout my life, I have never stopped to strategize about my next steps. I often just keep walking along,through whichever door opens. I have been on a journey and this journey never stopped.

4. The Kite Runner

Khalid Hosseini

I actually honestly cried when I read this book. My heart was broken. Over and over again. I had never had an encounter with Hosseini until a friend recommended his work to me. I never looked back. His style of writing. The book was a journey through guilt shame and finally redemption. It made its mark.
There is a way to be good again.

5. Desert Flower

Waris Dirie

is. So you’ve probably gathered I’ve got a strong feeling for African women changing the world. I heard of Waris Dirie and I when I did,all I thought of was supermodel; until I read her book. Resilience, strength and a whole lot of guts! Every time I read about each hurdle she jumped and faced I literally want to go kick butt! Waris has done outstanding things and I loved it.