Taking Stock 6.

Hi my loves, The year has come and gone and the end is here. 2017 has been something. Hoping for a better 2018 Been a while since we did this, but, let’s take stock now shall we. Drinking: More Water. I promised my self I would increase my water intake. And my body has responded by feeling much more amazing. Eating: Breakfast. Getting into the habit of at least having breakfast. I Making: My vision board for next year. I have actually never done it before so I’m so excited to start. Also making lots of boards on Pinterest. Wasting: No time scheming out all the activities I have for next year. Godspeed Last Album I listened to: Drake-Views. I didn’t listen to the whole album. I love it.

Reading: The underground railway. I’m having a hard time going through it. Or getting past the first few pages. Maybe I need a break.
Wanting: More growth. Emotionally, Mentally, basically in all aspects of my life, I’m ready to grow. More progress. More good. Last song I listened to: Chemutai Sage-Trust You. This song has been a fave of mine since it came out. I’m hooked. Feeling: More comfortable in my own skin. Craving: Peace. Stability. Simplicity. Learning: To be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. Where I’d rather be: By the beach! Dreaming of the beach! Thankful: For a better relationship with God. Now watching: The Danger of A Single Story-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Be brave in 2018. Conquer everything. Life, your fears, your dreams. Be brave. Merry Christmas in advance my loves 🎄🎊❤️ K