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The Secret Lives Of Baba Segis Wives and my 2018 read.

Happy 2018! Starting the year off with a book review on one of my favorite books from last year! I was not ready to laugh as hard as I did reading this book. Lola Shoyenin is an absolute cartoon. This book was recommended by my mum who said it was totally worth the read. I had to get it. I got a lot of positive feedback from Social media regarding the book. It’s epic. The story revolves around university graduate graduate Bolnane who makes the crazy decision to be the fourth wife of the loud and patriarchal Baba Segi. Through the book we see her rocky relationship with the other three wives as well as well as the obvious dissaproval from her mother and her family. The wives however are more worried by the prescence of the intruder that may shake , their secret lives. As expected of every wife she is to have children and after two years of trying and failing her husband decides to take her to seek medical advice. This decision sets off a hilarious chain reaction and an interesting set of revelations. I found the book an interesting of how power relationships in Patriachal relationships work as well as the power plays among the wives. Of course all this happening under the nose of Baba Segi who is sure his wives are dilligent,innoccent and obedient makes it all the more hilarious. The book was amazing. if you are debating on whether to get it, run and get yourself a copy. You will laugh all the way through i promise. I’m currently reading Jeffery Archer-Best Kept Secret. It’s the third book in an exciting series called the Clifton Chronicles. The first book is Only Time Will Tell, the second is Sins Of The Father, for anyone interested. This year my book target is still at 60. Let’s hope I make it. Read a book today. Love and light.