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Lewa Days.

Hello my loves, I hope your new year has been filled with love and happiness. Sharing with you one of the most gorgeous places on the planet Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. My Magical Kenya is full of magical spaces and places and I got to explore one. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy was started in 1995 as a Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kenya. It is acres and is home to the big 5. Yup, this is the one place you will find all the big 5. Amazing. Also home to the Grevys Zebra, Black Rhino, Reticulated Giraffe which are endangered species. It is also home to the NRT (Northern Rangelands Trust) an umbrella body that works with community conservancy across the country. This is also where the famous Lewa Marathon is held, which is one of the most recommended marathons, and yes they do run through the bush. It’s also the place Prince William proposed Catherine Middleton just Incase you’re wondering. And it’s amazing. Again. We were staying at the beautiful Ngiri House and it is amazing.

Our first activity on the day was horse riding through Lewa. Anyone who knows me well enough knows I have the biggest phobia for horses, until then. I decided my highlight would be to face my lifetime phobia and ride a horse. Worth it.
I have absolutely no regrets. It is probably one of the most amazing experiences I’ve been lucky to encounter. I rode a horse named Socks. He was a former Polo horse. Very pleasant to ride. We then went on for a game drive around the vast Conservancy and I have not been up close to so many animals. Highlight of the game drive was spotting a rhino family. These gorgeous creatures. And of course there were several elephants to my delight. Several hearts of them. My heart was so full. What impressed me the most is the impact of this conservancy on the community around them. They haven’t had a poaching incident in 3 years(touch wood, and you had better touch wood too). They do some tremendous work with the community around and the results are VISIBLE. They have helped women with micro finance, opened schools from primary to high school and give out bursaries and scholarships that have seen children get access to education. They even have adult literacy programs. Because the community feel the impact of the conservancy they continue to work together to ensure it continues to serve people and animals. They do some amazing work. Do find out about more of their work and some more of their amazing accommodation here. Travel a bit more this year. Discover our Magical Kenya. Or your local area. Love ❤️ K