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Ngare Ndare Adventure.

Loves, Hi! I pray you’ve been holding up well. So far so good yes? Sharing another magical space I discovered. Or rather I had known about, and always wanted to go to. Things didn’t seem to work out, but they did and I visited the beautiful Ngare Ndare forest. I could not even believe this place was real the first time I saw it on Instagram. It was stunning and I kept saying I HAD to go there. I did. The main attractions at the forest are the canopy walk and the waterfalls. If you’re scared of heights, this might not be your ideal activity. The walk is 450m and is 30ft high. See why I said heights? At the end of the walk is a beautiful viewing point where you look into the forest. It’s a protected area since it’s home to a lot of indigenous trees and is also part of the elephant corridor. After an interesting walk, we hiked to the waterfall. I ended up falling into the water ( okay, like my leg slipped and fell in , but same thing) so I hiked barefoot. Talk about an experience with nature 😂 my mum was freaking out but I LOVED IT. Feeling the water between my toes and the grass and rocks gently prick the bottom of my feet. I think I belong outdoors (okay, I’ve pushed a bit😂) but it was wonderful. And when we got there, oh was so WORTH FALLING INTO THE WATER FOR! And so worth the hike, and absolutely worth the wait. It. Was. Magical. Ndare Ngare Forest is absolutely magic. My dreams came true! If you can, plan a trip and visit it. You will 0 regrets I swear. And carry your swimsuit. I sure wish I swam! Travel More this year. Again. Love ❤️ K