Taking Stock 7.

Hi loves, My first taking Stock post of 2018 is up. I’ve been spending tha last month drawing lessons from 2017 that I really don’t want to run into. Drinking: Coffee with hazelnut syrup. I’ve gotten into the habit of putting syrup in my coffee and it tastes amazing Eating: Nothing right now. Last thing I had was a chocolate donut though.. Making: Notes. It’s test week. Girl needs to study Wasting: No time ordering for more books. Lol I hope I can read more books this year. Last Album I listened to: Erm.. Reading: Petals of Blood-Ngugi wa Thiong’o. Though I just found out there are 20 pages missing from my book right at the best part. 🤦🏾‍♀️ so I’m thinking of starting something else while I wait for that order to come through Wanting: Progress. Change. Growth. I also really want a nutri bullet. Last thing I watched: Greys Anatomy. I am 14 seasons deep but I’m still back to watching it from scratch. Still as good. Last song I listened to: Mat Za Ronga-Tunji. I have been jamming to this song heavy. Love it. Craving: A salad. With strawberry. Learning: To be patient. I’m usually so quick to snap at the smallest thing or nothing coming together. Figuring out I need to take a deep breathe and let things happen at their own pace Where I’d rather be: Playing violin. Lol

Thankful for: Little steps in the right direction every day.
Excited About: violin. I spent so much time redoing how I practice. I can’t wait to share! Looking Forward To: More. And making more mood boards💡 Now watching: A video on how police extract confessions 😂 Happy new month. Love K PHOTOGRAPHY: KRUZ 254 Photography MAKE UP ARTIST : MUA BY PWITTY