Champagne Violin

Garden Of Hewa.

Photography: Mesmerickenya I recently had the pleasure of playing for a wonderful fashion house at the launch of their new collection the Garden Of Hewa odAOMO is a luxury line concieved by Dr Sophia Aomo Oromo, who left Kenya to pursue her medical degree and is now a practitioner and designer. They have wonderful pieces that speak to heart, finely crafted bags and ornaments. I fell in love with the decor. And lots of their jewelry and bags. The store is located at the new wing of the Village Market Shopping Mall-First floor. You can check them out on their site here!



How cute were these? ❀️[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

Loved this flower wall! 😍 So dreamy
The highlight of the afternoon was walking around performing around the mall. It was quite a show. Until next time Thanks for dropping by! Xoxox K