In My Library

In my Library

Photography:Alvin Connect Love is a journey. And in my journey with African Literature, I continue to fall in love. Ghana Must Go-Taiye Selasi. I had never encountered this author or any of their work. This book was picked hastily off a shelf at Text Book Center, coz I was in a hurry and had finished a book and needed something to read (typical me) The book is set around the Sai family and launches into action with the death of Kweku Sai,father and husband. We journey through his life, the life of his children and wives, and of healing.The book is a journey of family, healing and forgiveness. It started out slow for me. But when it got good, it was amazing. Swing Time- Zadie Smith. Zadie Smith takes us on a journey of discovery. A small town girl, grows up to be the PA of the hottest pop stars on the globe. The story was a disappointment for me. She swings between past and present, touches on a few themes lightly. Genuinely I was bored. This was one of those hyped books. Disappointed to say the least. Dust-Yvonne Adhiambo Owour. All I can say is wow. This book for me redefined beautiful literature. Themes of grief and anguish, against the backdrop of Northern Kenya.The shooting of Odidi Oganga thrusts is to a through a family, and through Kenya’s rich history. If you’re not Kenyan you’ll spend a lot of time googling the events. Lol. It wasn’t written like most books, which made it more fun for me to read.

What Endures?
TBR My TBR is looking pretty solid! Can’t wait to get in these! What’s your library looking like this month? Sending you all the love! ❤️💕