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July Reads.

Heya! Sharing my July reads. The month has been heavy thanks to school and all 😩. But we made it. Dead Aid-Dambisa Moyo This has been on my TBR for a long time. It’s been one of those books that has been talked about everywhere. Especially in my classes and I see why. The book is an open critique to aid and the aid culture. Moyo dives in to how aid cripples various aspects of government and society and offers a few radical suggestions. She hits the nail on the head with this one, in my opinion. And I loved it. Freshwater-Akwaeke Emezi Ah, Freshwater. Do you ever pick a book and get blown away by the contents. Leaves going like OMG I didn’t expect it. The book is about Ada, and the battle within her and her selves.The battle to have control of her mind. It was moving. A bit funny at some parts, scary at some, but all in all amazing. No spoilers. Just read this. Drunk-Jackson Biko Biko is popular in Kenya. I’m a huge fan of his work. I love his stories on his Facebook page. But this book was good. A bit too short for me but good. I’m looking forward to more books from him. More amazing books. And longer ones. Also, autographed copy! Screams! The Goddess Of Mtwara-Caine Price For African Writing. So since my last Caine encounter I have never looked back. This time, the book tackled an odd number of things, including ghosts. The Goddess of Mtwara was captivating (the book and the actual story) and as usual, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. Also, new authors to discover among those listed! Always exciting. Hoping your month is full of encounters with amazing literature. Xs and Os. K