Champagne Violin

July Practice

Hey guys

So this month has been not too good for violin. And honestly very slow. I happened to get a serious strain on my left shoulder (that holds my violin) and it has been hell! The pain! So every time I practice, 20 minutes in the sharp pain begun. It was hell for me. It slowed me down. On some days, I was unable to practice. But,I got it checked out and we’re finally back to being okay. It happens after playing for a while so I was advised to take it easy (yeah right). Otherwise it has been an interesting practice month. I’ve limited a lot of my practice to scales. Yup, its been a scales centric month for practice.


Slowly adding more octaves to my scales. This is the scales book I’ve been using. I got online. I will attach the link here. Love that it tackles a variety of scales both major and minor. Slowly becoming my go to book. Why scales right? The rhythms ive noticed repeat themselves across a variety of genres. And they are helping me get my tone in order. I practice them extra slowly and keep increasing the tempo as I go. My metronome and tuner are my new musical best friends.


Also practicing using  Hans Sitt Book for the violin. The book has etudes most of which are in the first position. Im using book 2 now which is in different positions. this has meant a lot of shifting exercises and sight reading improvement.


Shifting is my technique exercise for the month believe or not. Trying to be able to maintain my tone when I shift so using scales and my. Tuner (my other new BFF) to do this as well. Sending you love! Xoxo K