Taking Stock 8.

DRINKING: Hot water. It’s really cold. EATING: nothing yet. But I’m waiting for Nyama Choma MAKING: A Pinterest Board on home decor. Ive been a little obsessed. There’s the link to the board here. Wasting: Less time. Lol. The year can’t already be over though! Last Album I listened to:  Ramin Djawadi-Game Of Thrones Seaon 7 Reading: Kintu-Jennifer Nanasubaga Makumbi. It is amazing so far. Wanting :Game of Thrones to Start already. I miss it and I genuinely am just excited for the music Last thing I watched:  The Good Wife. Ive been on a binge lately. Kinda really enjoying watching it Last song I listened to: Hillsong Worship-Oceans Craving: Sushi. Learning: To trust Jesus more and worry less. To lean not on my own understanding,and too trust that God is right at the center of my storm and is in full control Where I would rather be: On vacation. I need a vactaion. Or feeding giraffes. Thankful for: A Holiday Excited about: This year. After so long it’s my final year of college. God is so faithful. Looking forward to: The final part of the year. And Christmas.Oh my gosh doesnt time fly so fast? Ugh where does time ever go though! Now watching: The Good Wife. Don’t know why it took me so long to watch this show! Sending you 💕 K