Champagne Violin

Have fun practicing.

Photography: Alvin Connect Hey you!, so today I’m sharing how you can spice up your practice routine and have a bit more fun. I have to admit, I used to hate practice. Detest. I thought it was a task for my whole life. I was always discouraged by throngs 1.Have a goal in mind Everything makes more sense when you’ve got a picture of the end game. Have a goal every time you practice. Maybe you can focus on fixing your intonation, finessing your shift, or nailing a difficult section. 2.Small sections make big progress Ever heard the song little by little you’re there? Well the same applies for practice. Divide your big chunks of music into smaller pieces. I usually go bar by bar. No shame. Then keep adding a bar as I go. It helps me tackle the difficult bits, and gives me the flow. 3. Switch up your repertoire! I know. But this is so necessary. Playing the same genre can create some frustration. And discouragement. Try music from a different country or genre you’re used to. Diversify 4.Have a good practice routine. It’s hard to make progress between sporadic practice. Having a routine for when you practice. When when it’s hard, squeez in a few 15 minutes to practice. Those 15 minutes every day have huge effects in the long run. 5. Be motivated. It’s hard to be motivated playing any instrument. Allow yourself to be in that musical season (beginner,intermediate, advanced, Paganini). Have something to look forward to and even when you lack the motivation, do it anyway

You won’t always be motivated but you must always be discipline.
Hope your month is full of fruitful practice this month. XO K