Champagne Violin

August Reads

Hey loves. August was an amazing reading month! The Rift-Alex Perry I bought this at Text Book Center. I picked it because it was on sale. I wasn’t ready for the adventure I went on. The book explores the west’s ideas of Africa vis-a-vis the reality on the ground. I adored it. Loved being taken through a variety of countries. And it’s one of those books that opens up your view on the world Stay With Me I promise I was unprepared for the emotional journey the book would take me on.  for the twists and turns. Yejide is married to Akin, and has difficulty bearing children. Between layers of family drama second wives and secret affairs, the story unravels to a beautiful sob ending. Its central theme the lengths we go through for family. No spoilers. Buy it What it means when a man falls from the sky. I bought this book because of the hype. I had seen it on someone’s Instagram and decided I’d give it a go. I had also read one of her short stories in a Caine Prize book, so picking this one was kind of easy. I loved it. Each story so well woven. I enjoyed it. What are you reading this month? Xs and Os K