Self Care is the Best Care.

It’s so easy to feel so swamped by life and everything going on. I’m sharing a few of my fave ways to recharge and some you can use too! 1. Unplug Technology and social media have revolutionized life as we know it. But they have also created a monster in some of us;comparison. Have a no phone hour every day. Take time off tv or your phone. Have time to unplug 2. Work out You only have one body. That houses you and carries you all day. Taking care of it will help you feel better. I workout using the Nike App. 3. Keep a gratitude journal. It’s easy to get caught up in a bad day. Or in bad feelings. But having things you are thankful for every day can help keep your moods up Write a list you are thankful for every day. Even if you’re thankful that you woke up. 4. Take a walk Nature is therapeutic. Leaving the space your in and going for a walk is essential for helping clear your mind. 5. Meditate It sounds so cliché but a few minutes of meditation every day helps take the edge off! I use the Oak App for meditation. Take time to take care of yourself this week! Love and Light. K