Taking Stock 9

Photography:Alvin Connect It’s the end of another season in my life. The end of the year is almost here. The days go by so fast. Decided it was fitting to do a Taking Stock post on my birthday. Gives me time to reflect on the year that was. Drinking: Coffee. I never realized I love coffee that much. Now I’m ready to experiment with coffee flavors Eating: Nothing yet. Waiting for cake! Making: My goals for the next year ahead Wasting: No time setting my goals for next year Last Album I listened to: Tori Kelly-Hiding Place. I LOVE Tori Kelly so her releasing this album came at a PERFECT time. I’ve got this album on repeat. Reading: Lusaka Punk and other stories. It’s another Caine Prize book and I can’t lie that I’m hooked to their books. Wanting: More progress and growth for the next year ahead. Last thing I watched: Greys Anatomy. can you imagine the show is on season 15! Guys it’s amazing. Last song I listened to: Tori Kelly- Masterpiece. It’s my pick me up song! Gets me excited for the day. Craving: Cake. Lots and Lots of cake! Learning: A few tough lessons. That sometimes I am the problems do have a lot to work on. It’s important to surround yourself with people who love you. Ask for help when you need it. There’s nothing wrong with going for therapy. Where I’d rather be: By the beach, or on a holiday Thankful: To God for giving me 23 years. Now watching: More Greys Anatomy. Xs and Os K