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Photography: Alvin Connect

Hey loves, I’m sharing a few of my October Reads and a teeny review of each. Of course lots of African literature but I’m really trying to take a break from fiction and work on some non fictional African Works. A Grain Of Wheat-Ngugi Wa Thiong’o Pages: 243 My love for Ngugi runs deep and this book was good for me. It captured the mood of the times leading to independence. Love the layers of the story and the way the characters play in this one. At the center of it all is Mugo Season of Crimson Blossoms-Abubakur Adam Ibrahim Pages: 290 Do you ever read what a book is about and know you’re going to love it instantly? That’s how I felt about this book. It captured the steamy affair between a widow Binta and well-known drug dealer Reza. Love the layers of emotion in this book. The Education Of a British Protected Child: Essays-Chinua Achebe Pages: 166 This was my first non fiction by Chinua Achebe and all I can say is wow. We get bits and pieces of Chinua life and his viewpoint ona variety of issues ranging from family to the questions of whether authors should write more works in their mother tounge. Lusaka Punk and other Stories-Caine Prize. Pages: 268 Another Caine Prize book. I’ve gone ham this year on the Caine Prize books. I really enjoy them because I always discover new authors. A few of my faves are back, and it was nice to see two authors from home. Sending you love and light. XO K