Holiday Gift Guide.

Hey loves So this year I’m sharing a few cool gifts you can get your special person this holiday

1. A personalized mini Thermos.

I got one from Pilli Kenya and I haven’t regretted it. Getting your special person one of these not only helps them keep their liquids hot, but is friendly for the environment too!

2. Branded Socks.

I know this sounds strange but you can never have enough socks. Branded socks with a funny quote at the bottom are always a good gift

3. A Throw Pillow.

Get them their favorite quote on a throw pillows. Available from Pilli Kenya who’s bio I’ve linked here

4. A 2019 Planner.

This is perfect for the organization junkie in your life. Getting them a planner will definitely be the best gift

5. A Nutribullet.

This is perfect for the health addict in your life. Nutribullets are like blenders. But way cooler

6. A really good book.

you can never go wrong with a good book! Pick them up a bestseller or a book they’ve been dying to read. They’ll appreciate it.

7. A personalized Notebook.

This is for the writer in your life. Make them feel special by sending them a personalized notebook. And you can get it with any quotes or pictures you’d like. How amazing Hope this list helps with your Christmas shopping! Also please let me know what gifts you’d like this festive season too! Xs and Os K