Taking Stock 10.

Photography: Alvin Connect.

Hey guys The end of another wonderful year is here and all I can say is I am SO THANKFUL for this year has gone. For this last taking stock post, I thought I’d switch it up a bit. I’ll simply share some of the things I’m grateful for this year, and I wanna hear your experiences too. Thankful for: Another wonderful year that I am alive. All the lessons I’ve learnt. All the violin shows I’ve been able to play. All the music, all the laughter and love. Thankful for all the lessons of 2018. Thankful for all the growth that has happened and that will continue to happen. And thankful to God for continuing to be so faithful and good. Drinking:A steaming cup of hot coffee Eating:  Nothing. Thinking about lunch plans though Making: Lunch plans
Wasting: No time looking for the bet place to buy a planner for 2019.
Last Album I listened to: Let There Be Light- Hillsong Worship Reading: Dambisa Moyo-Edge Of Chaos. So far so good. She’s radical and I love her for it. Wanting: To get a puppy. I know i said i was a cat lady, but I’ve been looking a t dog pictures and well, I am a convert. Last thing I watched: The Avengers Last song I listened to: Senpai by Nabalayo. You can listen to it here Craving: Coconut cake. Especially the coconut cake from Jazzlan Gluten Free Patisserie. You can check them out for all your gluten-free and keto diet needs, here. Learning: To take it one step at a time. And to forgive myself for mistake made in the past. Not to dwell too much on it either since there’s not much I can do. Invest more in my future. Where I’d rather be: Right now, with my cup of coffee and cat dead asleep beside me, there’s no place I’d rather be Thankful: for all the exciting things coming ahead! Ah you guys, I can’t wait to share! This month will be full of wonderful surprises! Now watching: Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Yes I do plan on watching all of them! Cant wait for us to go on another exciting journey that is 2019. If youre reading this and havent subscribed, Hi, and welcome. Please do subscribe. Sending you all the best wishes for 2019. Xs and Os K