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Hey wonderful people


I know I’ve neglected this part, for a long time. But I do have a lot to catch you up on.

All things violin have been amazing.

I got to be on television! I was featured on Living With Ess which is a lifestyle show by Sharon Mundia aka this is Ess! I was so excited considering I’ve been a fan FOREVER!

In The Company Of Superwomen

I may look calm, but I was heavily fan girling inside. I love this woman so much OMG!!

Say Cheese

There was also the wonderful opportunity to play at the book launch for Amina Rabar, who is a host on the Trend and 98,4 Capital FM.

Photo by Justin Mongare

It’s been an amazing violin year so far.

I’m also super excited to announce, that I FINALLY STARTED MY YOUTUBE CHANEL.

It has been a year filled with back and forths, and if I am being all the way honest, there has been so much DOUBT. I have been so afraid of the feedback and of being perfect that I just forgot i was doing this  because I love the violin and that is it.

I’m super excited for this and I hope you all are too!

Drum Rolls Please!


I have attached the link to the video below,please do watch, share and subscribe too. I’m so excited and mostly nervous to be going on this journey.


Here is the link to the chanel.


Sending you all the love in the world this Easter.






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