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Hey book worms,

I was reading an article that said lovers of literature should not be referred to as worms, but as book dragons.

In which case,

Hello Book Dragons!

In 2018 I was able to read 38 books. Which wasn’t so bad for me. This year my goals are a bit different but still the same.

1. Read a few books from the Man Booker Selection and other Literature prizes.

I usually read Caine Prize for African Writing scripts but I am hoping to expand into more literature awards in the new year.

2. Discover more authors of color.

I’ve focused a lot of African Literature but a field I haven’t discovered fully is the world of African American Authors. This year I am looking forward to encountering more of their works.

3.Explore more Authors and Selections from Latin America.

This is one area I can say I haven’t explored yet honestly. I’ve focused so much on African Literature I almost sidelined everyone else. This year I’m hoping to discover more Latin American Authors and indulge!

4. Read more African authors.

I noticed I read a lot of authors I know, and I don’t usually experiment much. This year, I want to experience authors from Rwanda and Egypt and Zambia..all the countries I haven’t explored.

My goodreads target is set at one book ( I know) but in reality I want to get at least 39-40 books down.

What are your reading goals looking like for the new year?

Sending you love.





Kimberley Champagne

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