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So when I first got saved, I struggled to find relatable influencers who walked in the faith. But God is faithful on all ends, even social media. Day by day I continued to come across a variety of people living out loud for Jesus and sharing their skills and crafts. This is the first of many lists of Christian influencers who have been able to inspire me during my faith walk. Through some of their lives, I have seen the grace and glory of God. Through some, their message and their faith has inspired me. Whatever way, they have been fundamental in my faith journey. You never know how much your being bold and unashamed about your faith can influence multitudes of people. So keep being obedient, and keep being unapologetic about your faith.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


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Cooking with Jaz (Jasmine Macharia) was one of my earlies faith influences on Instagram. Her page and message left me super excited and inspired. Jasmine Macharia is not only an avid believer of Christ, but she is also an award winning chef and Author of two devotional cookbooks, Breakfast with the King and Joyful Cookbook. She has a blog and her own show Sizzle too! I love how you can literally see the Grace of God through her life. Having followed her for years, its beautiful to see the amazing work God is doing through her and her craft.

Here is the link to her blog.
And the link to her youtube channel is here.


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Julie Kariuki has an amazing YouTube channel that I found when I fresh to my salvation walk. Her content is honest and inspiring and there is such a transparency in how the is. She’s also an amazing wife, mother and author. And she’s super dedicated to her ministry. This beautiful mama is raw on her channel and continues to share daily motivation on her pages!
Here is the link to her YouTube channel.

And the link to her blog is here.


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Nia Cerise is a Christian YouTube who has shared her whole life through her channel Crowned in Faith. I stumbled upon her testimony video while struggling with some major decisions about her faith and have been hooked ever since. Her posts continue to not only inspire me but challenge me to go deeper in my faith.

Here is the link to her YouTube channel.


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Humour meets faith. I giggle every time I watch this style icon. She’s fierce, and has an amazing sense of style, but she’s also here educating us on the word. The YouTube channel was one of my later discoveries but God’s timing is the best timing because He led me to her channel. She has a lot of amazing content on her channel that has been resourceful during my faith walk. She also has amazing styling videos too!

You can check out her Youtube channel here


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Milly Wa Jesus is part of the faith based YouTube Lifestyle Channel the Wa Jesus Family. Through their transparency on faith and how God has continued to work for them, they have e been able to encourage more people to take more bold steps in their faith. This soon to be mummy has given us a few laughable movements on her channel and I can’t get over how her laughter is. I love her ministry and how God continues to work through her.

You can check out her channel here


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Morgan Tracy J of His Daughters Closet Ministries, has a movement and entire library of resources to encourage women in faith. I love what her ministry is about and I have even been able to download and read some of her short books from her site. I keep them as encouragement that although the walk as a believer may be tough, it is not all in vain.

You can check out her ministry page here
and you can check out her YouTube channel


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Lerato Twalla or as she is known Lerato Woman Of Faith is a powerhouse in her own right. Not only is she ministering through her marriage and motherhood, but she also leads a women’s ministry Sister to Sister that hosts the annual Sister2Sister conference to connect women of faith with the resources to conquer the world. She is the co-author of the book titled “Wake up winning” which was released in September 2018. The book features men and women who have overcome whatever stigmas that they have had about themselves.
You can check out her blog here 
And you can check out her youtube channel here


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This popular TV host has been an inspiration for me since before I got saved. I always marvelled at her faith, and how loud and unapologetic she is. Her content is motivation for a day you feel down and inspirational too. Shes also really friendly from the times I’ve met her. Grace is vocal about what God has done in her life, and his faithfulness in her life and her families. You’ve got to love her.
Here is a link to her YouTube channel.

This list is not conclusive, and it definitely is not final. So I hope to keep sharing my favourite christian influencers who encourage me to keep the faith.
Who are some of the people on the digital space who encourage you in your faith walk? I would love to hear about some of them in the comments below!



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