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I promised myself I would step out and explore more, and this time round I went to the Nairobi Safari Walk. It was my second time, the first time I went, I was a child so a lot of the details were hazy. I t was great to go back again.

The Nairobi Safari Walk is located along Langata Road, 30 minutes from the Nairobi Central Business District. The park is accessible to the public via public means or private means. The Safari Walk is a unique chance to interact with the wild in the city. Its part of the larger Nairobi National Park that is also the ONLY National Park located within a capital city. It is also where the Kenya Wildlife Services Headquarters are located.

In this post, I will be sharing some important information to note as you plan your trip to the Nairobi Safari Walk and what to look out for.


Park Fees grants you full access to the entire Safari Walk. It is paid only once, adn paid upfront at the reception area. Ensure that you carry with you your national Identification Card or Passport.






215 KSH

300 KSH

22 USD


125 KSH

170 KSH

13 USD






    Remember to take lots of pictures too!



Make sure you carry a bottle of water and some tissue in case you need to use the bathroom. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes so that you enjoy the experience more. Take advantage of the viewing points to take a moment to catch your breath along the walk. 
The walk has restrooms within it so not to worry. Simply follow the signs and you will be able to find and use one of the restrooms. Carry your own wad of tissue and wet wipes.

Be sure to be extra keen when checking out the big cats( cheetahs, lions,leopards.)They can be very elusive and as all cats, not too active during the day. Best times to catch them active is in the morning hours. Be sure to check out the rhino too. It was one of my other favorite animals at the walk. Stay on the marked and designated paths at all times.


The Nairobi Safari Walk provides a unique retreat within the hustle and bustle of the city. An actual chance for you to engage with nature one on one. I love that it was also affordable for Kenyan Citizens, and that guided walks can be requested at the reception. Being a cat lady, I was most excited to see the big cats cheetahs, lions and leopards. It was quite some work looking out for these elusive creatures. There was also a variety of birds, from bigger birds such as ostriches. It was also great to see a Rhino, in all its majesty and splendour.


The walk was beautiful and serene. I loved experiencing this slice of heaven in the city. The walk also serves as an opportunity for you to learn about the different types of vegetation covers throughout the country and gather some facts on your favourite animals, plants and birds as well. The walk is littered with tags that provide information of tree species, and bird species that are found in the wild across the country.


The one thing I came to realise, is that perhaps one of the biggest threats to wildlife and their conservation, is human beings. Human encroachment, poaching and other human activities have seen the numbers for animals such s rhinos and giraffes dwindle.

Have you been to the safari walk? What did you enjoy most? 



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