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Hey wonderful readers,

Good to have you back. I have missed you guys. 
I thought I would share a few tips to help you build your own home library. It has taken me years to build mine, and whenever I’ve had people over, they remarked on the shelf and how many books I have. I wanted to share some tips Ive learned along the way.

Get a shelf of choice.

The first step to owning your own library is owning a shelf. An empty shelf will always work as a taunt. You could get your local man to design you something that reflects your personality is get one ready-made. For all the DIYers it’s easier to build a wall shelf.

For me, I get all my inspiration on bookshelves and libraries on Pinterest and you can check out this board for some inspiration too! Link to the board here

Decorate the shelf as you’d like.

This is the most fun. It allows you to express in whatever way you like. If you want stickers or art on your shelf, go for it! If you want props for your shelf, get some cute potted plants and DIY design the pots. Put whatever you need to make it scream YOU!Few ideas are succulent plants, book stops, candles and other decor items.

When in doubt, go to the library.

Start stacking up some books.

The most important part of the buying of a bookshelf is having the books. You may be wondering where to begin on this. First, discover the books and genres you enjoy. The only way you can do this is by beginning to read books across all genres, thrillers, fiction, poetry, short stories. It’s possible you’ll find yourself drawn to more than one genre. That’s perfectly okay, it means more books! Also just like that, you have your first set of books! When you’ve developed a genre of preference, you can begin exploring authors of the same genre, if you can stick to buying many books from the same author to explore more of their styles.

Look out for places you can books at a discount or places you can thrift books. Nairobi offers a large collection of street side book vendors who have a variety of books at affordable prices. Also be on the lookout for sales from some popular bookstores, and discounts and take advantage.Look Out for bestseller authors and make sure that you read widely so you can develop a specific interest-read across genres and styles to find which ones work for you so that

Building a library is a lifelong task. Make sure that you continue to invest in purchase of a book every month. This gives you a chance to get a stack to TBR which I find a motivation.

Remember that building a home library takes a step at a time. Each book is special and is an adventure of its own.

Take your time.

Enjoy the process.





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