Dress from Felicitys Kenya. Sash: Joy Facebeat done by Makeup City Photography by Alvin Connect

Hey there wonderful people.

It’s the end of another beautiful month. Has anyone noticed how fast the months are going by? I’m so ready to put up Christmas decorations and pump up some carols. Is it too early to be in the Christmas spirit. Birthday season is also approaching so I can’t pretend to contain my excitement. It’s been a beautiful year with all its challenges and such. I’m just glad we’ve made it this far.

I am so thankful because this season has been filled with grace and I am excited to share that I FINALLY GRADUATED COLLEGE. After years of wondering if it would ever end, or if the day would ever come, I graduated with a degree in International Relations with a concentration in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy and a minor in Criminal Justice Systems.

All Glory belongs to God for the far He has brought me. God has been a constant rock to me through these years and he has never changed. He has loved me and walked with me through this journey. I can honestly attest and say that through campus, the hand of God led me and guided me through, and He gave me the strength to do it all!

In celebration of this, our taking stock post will be a bit different, featuring some of my favorite moments from college and some lessons I am taking into the future. This post will also have  a list of vendors who made the special day even more memorable.

My favourite classes in college: I think I can only remember a handful of classes I actually enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, each class expanded my reach and knowledge, but there were some classes I doubt I’ll be able to forget.
Music Of The World-mostly because we had to do a dance and though I play violin, I’m not good at the dancing thing

Simulation-this course saw us simulate the proceedings of the united nations. Since I was an international relations major, this class was fun for me.

International Relations Project-although when the class started it drove me crazy, after the class was done and I had actually written an academic paper, my mind was blown. I honestly thought I would never do an academic paper, but now maybe i can totally do another one. Jk.

International Law-Fun, stimulating, exciting. This class was everything I could ever hope for and more. It challenged me, expanded how I thought and viewed situations and how I viewed the international arena. I was more aware of players and participants in the international sphere. I would probably want to do a masters on this course.

Gown from Felicity’s Kenya. Facebeat done by Makeup City Photography by Alvin Connect

Favourite Lecturers:
Dr Fatma Ali, Dr Ngure Wa Mwachofi, Professor Veney, Wangeci Chege, Dr Oscar Githua.

I am currently munching on red velvet cake from my graduation party. If I’m being all the way honest, I think the most I ate on that day was cake. The red velvet was from Sarova Panafric and it is amazing. Literally melts in my mouth

I absolutely loved this gown from Felicity’s Kenya. Facebeat done by Makeup City Photography by Alvin Connect

One Lesson I am taking from college: That every perspective is valid. In a class I took with Ngure Wa Mwachofi,, he opened the class by introducing us to the perspective model. He gave an example of a teacher who hung upside down and asked his students to surround him. Each student had a camera in hand, and on the count of three, they were to take a picture of him. When the students argued over who had the right picture, they realised they all had seen the same thing a different way. Such is the way we must view life and other people’s opinions and perspectives

Listening to:
Burna Boys Anybody. I have loved this song from the minute I heard it and it has been a pick me up and go to song for me.

Words for anyone in college:
Pretty much everything in this post here.

Currently reading-Africa 39.  This book has a collection of stories from 39 authors from 16 African countries. I love that I’m seeing work from some of my favorite authors, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Taiye Selasi, Rotimi Babatunde and more. I’m so excited.

Sending you all the love in the world.

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Also wanted to thank the amazing teams and individuals who helped make the day special and who I would HIGHLY recommend for your functions and events. They were diligent and helped in the execution of my vision for an amazing day, and were highly professional and lots of fun.


Facebeat done by Makeup City Photography by Alvin Connect

DECOR: Sunflower Events.
MAKEUP:Makeup City
NAILS: Nail Logic Spa
MC/DJ: David Muriithi
BAND: Zawadi Band
VENUE: Sarova Panafric
PHOTOPROPS: Nairobi Photobooth Co
DRESSES: Felicitys Kenya

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