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Hey my loves,

So for my book enthusiasts, we KNOW we never leave anywhere without a book. But you’re probably sitting there wondering “why should I read? What benefit does it have for me?”

There are multiple benefits of reading books Scientific benefits, health benefits, and even entertainment benefits. Reading is an experience and adventure of its own.  It is a way to learn, way to open our minds. Every book is a whole new journey.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”― Dr. Seuss

1. You learn more.

Every book is a story and adventure. Through reading. Books are full of information which we can use during our lives. When we read books in a variety of subjects, we learn on those subjects and we are able to gain more insight and knowledge on the topics. So if you read book on history, you knowledge on the subject will expand. The same goes for any topic of interest. All we have to do is pick up the book on the subject we are interested in.

2. Improved vocabulary.

The more books you read, the more words we learn. Books expose us to countless more words we can include in our day to day vocabulary. Because not all authors use the same style and language, we are able to pick up new words and expand our vocabulary. It can also be a useful way to improve your vocabulary in a new language too.

3. Improved memory.
It has been scientifically proven that reading of books has an effect on our brain synapses, helping with improving the part of our brain responsible for memory. When you read books, you have to be able to remember characters, scenes, and even multiple plots and themes within a book. This exercises our memory muscle.

4. Source of entertainment.

Entertainment is one of the prime reasons people read books. Just like movies or series, books have action, twists and adventures too. You just have to find the one you love the most. And someone who reads the book and then watches the movie, I can tell you for free that reading the book is a much more fulfilling experience. And it has a lot more details.

5. Improves creativity.

Books and reading have always been known to be creative outlets. They stretch our minds and allow us to imagine things far beyond what we may encounter. They force us to think, and imagine alternate  realities.

6. Develop Critical Thinking.

Are you looking to sharpen your critical thinking skills, thats easy. Read a book. We need our critical thinking in our day to day life to help us make critical decisions. Reading books such a mystery books helps renew your mind and sharpen these skills. You gain a deeper understanding on a subject.

7. Get more friends.

Ever since I started sharing my reads, with friends and family it has helped improve his social skills. I have been able to strike up conversations and have people approach me on books and authors. I’ve formed valuable relationships with so many people over literature, and of course, who can avoid having coffee and a good book? It has also helped me gain valuable opinions on more issues that are touched on in some of the books.

Reading has a variety of benefits, so incase you have not begun your literature adventure, what are you waiting for? And why do you love to read?

Sending you love.




Kimberley Champagne

Hey, I’m Champagne. I’m a professional performing violinist, book lover and cat mama. I’m totally sold out for Jesus. Founder of Women With Grace and Kaleidoscope Kenya. African Literature connoisseur. ❤️