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Hey my loves,

So there has been a sprout of beautiful cafes all over Nairobi and I am here for it all! So excited to see and sample them all. I recently discovered the cutest little place as I went to see a Dr and I had to share. The place is fairly new, having just opened this year. I was drawn to it because of its ambience, and I was really hungry. I am glad I found it though!


This gem is in the Nairobi Hospital right near the Doctors Plaza. You can find out more about it here!


This wall was a win for me.

What you see walking in.

I loved the vibe I got from this place. The seats were well separated, and they had a gorgeous plant wall that I could not stop staring at. The tables were well spaced. 


I have had a chance to sample a few things from their menu. One of the few times I dropped by, here I had an orange juice and  a latte. The orange juice was fresh and cold and the latte war nice and warm. On both occasions I had pork chops, with mashed potatoes as well as vegetables. Each time I was not disappointed.
I also had a chance to sample their speciality coffee the nutcase

I would give their food a 6/10 and pastries a 7/10.

This was the nutcase latte. I loved it.


The service was incredible. Very professional and whenever they changed shifts, the person taking over was introduced to us. Really amazing and professional.

I do definitely recommend you check it out and let me know what you thought!

Sending you love!




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