Hey guys,

Throughout this blogmas series, I would like to indulge your faith a little.

Why do you celebrate christmas?
Do you celebrate because school closes and you can finally get a break from work? Or do you celebrate because it is a good time to get lots of free food and awesome gifts?

Growing up, I honestly thought Christmas was all about the birth of Gods son and to celebrate we give each other gifts and throw a party. 
But now as an adult and as a believer, this season means so much more for me. This season demonstrates for me a love,  a celebration. That God allowed his son to be flesh, to come into a destiny he knew would end with him crucified on a hill. 

Luke 1 opens with an account of the birth of John The Baptist being prophesied. John the Baptist led the way for Jesus, He urged people to repent and turn away from their sin. He encouraged people to stay the path and get baptised. This opens with an  account of the life of Elizabeth and Zechariah, who were to be parents of John. They stayed the path, they still could not have children.( Luke 1:6)  So when an angel appears to Zechariah who is a priest, he refuses to believe that he will have a child! (Luke 1:13) So the angel Gabriel decides to shut him up until his son is born! 

Months later, an angel appears to a woman of virtue Mary who is engaged to Joseph to tell her that she is to have a son.(Luke 1:28) I would be shook! But she takes it with grace and agrees to be the chosen vessel. When Elizabeth visits Mary, the Holy spirit fills her and John begins to jump in her womb! How amazing to see the work of God. 

‘Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. ‘ Luke 2:11 

In Luke 2, Jesus is born, and our path to salvation begins! The reason we celebrate, is because we celebrate our redemption and grace. We celebrate our salvation. Our way out. We celebrate being one with God because He sent us a way out from eternal condemnation! 

Don’t get too caught up on the gifts and charades that you forget the reason for this season is to celebrate the life of Jesus. 

Love always




Kimberley Champagne

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