Hey y’all.
Who has ever noticed we tend to get a bit selfish over the holidays. We being in to focus on my on what we need we forget that there are other people around us. Or if were looking out for people around us, we tend to focus the most of our energy and resources on our friends and family. 
Though we may be privileged to spend the holidays surrounded by love, it’s not always the same for other people. If you look around beyond your comfort, you  will see that there are a lot of people who are not feeling too festive, or in the Christmas spirit.
Make this Christmas special, by not spending it obsessing about you and what gifts you want or where you want to go, and make Christmas special for someone else. For a change, make this Christmas a giving christmas.
Sharing in this post, ways you can make this Christmas a giving Christmas!
  1. Throw a party at a charity of your choice
I always believe holidays are best spend shared. Spread some love by throwing a Christmas Party at a charity of your choice. Carry gifts and make an event of it too

     2.Give gifts to an orphanage or children’s hospital ward in your area

Children love Christmas so make it special for those less fortunate in your area. Have a gift drive for children in an orphanage or children’s hospital/ward of your choice and surprise them

    3.Spend the day caroling in hospitals, hospices and old homes.

 I don’t know about you, but I love christmas carols. Spend a night spreading some cheer to those less cheerful!

    4.Cook a  huge holiday meal for a shelter of your choice.

Cook up a huge holiday meal with desserts and treats for a shelter of your choice. Some times holidays can see a large number of people fill up these spaces, and any extra meal makes a difference.

        5.Give someone a gift they’ve been hoping for.

Know any person on tour community with a red you can meet? Maybe a student who can’t go to school for lack of fees, a friend who could be sick. Change the way holidays are viewed and give them a gift of a lifetime 
     6. Plant a tree
What better way to give back, than to give back to Nature. Get your friends and family and go out on a holiday tree planting activity! And this can be a new Christmas tradition too!

What other ways can you think of giving back this holiday? And how are you planning on changing someone’s life this festive season? Make sure you do!

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Kimberley Champagne

Hey, I’m Champagne. I’m a professional performing violinist, book lover and cat mama. I’m totally sold out for Jesus. Founder of Women With Grace and Kaleidoscope Kenya. African Literature connoisseur. ❤️