Hey people,

as the year comes to an end I thought Id do a gratitude post. Through the year, I have seen the faithfulness of God. He has come through for me in ways I can’t explain. This is simply a list of gratitude for all he has done for me this year, and highlighting what i hope for in 2020.

This year I am thankful. At the beginning of this year I was praying to graduate. God gave me an abundance, I graduated and managed to do an internship. I was able to serve at my wonderful home church CITAM Thika Road. I am currently learning how to fly. What more could I ask for?

  1. Finish my private pilot license
After college, I started flying school at the Kenya School of flying. My hope is that next year, I will be able to have a private pilots license and be able to post more aviation content.
      2.  Actually get a solo flight.
It has been a dream of mine to be able to fly an aircraft solo. My goal for 2020 is to be able to do one solo flight, and a solo cross country flight.

     3. Do the Bible In 365 days challenge
When I found out about this Bible Plan, I knew I HAD TO do it at the beginning of the new year. This plan is a comprehensive day by day through the Bible  from Genesis to Exodus and includes a daily devotion. I got to sample it and knew I was doing it for 2020. Hoping I can be consistent.
     4. Have more violin videos on YouTube 

I have held back on YouTube, although I finally launched my chanel this year ( incase you have not already, check it out here) and I was honestly just testing the waters. I had a lot of hesitation on putting out content, but I think I am prepared to do more with that.

What are some of your goals for the new year? And what are you thankful for from 2019?

Love Always,




Kimberley Champagne

Hey, I’m Champagne. I’m a professional performing violinist, book lover and cat mama. I’m totally sold out for Jesus. Founder of Women With Grace and Kaleidoscope Kenya. African Literature connoisseur. ❤️