Hey loves, 

Can we keep it real, again.
Holidays aren’t always happy!

There, I said it! I burst the holiday spirit bubble.
There are a lot of people who are hurting this festive season. Many people may have lost someone this year and are dealing with a first festive season without them. It hurts.Often times the holiday feels empty and lonely. You may find yourself angry, sad, withdrawn. I remember I time when the holidays were a painful reminder of not what I had, but what I didn’t have.
After the loss of my dad in 2015, I was devastated. But what hurt the most was  the holidays. I had a hard time during Christmas especially watching people celebrating with their families as I grieved. There was a lot of anger. A lot of pain
The holidays are better now. I don’t feel so bad. Now I am thankful that I got to spend time with an amazing man like my Dad and how privileged I was to live with him.
Sometimes Holidays hurt.
And that’s okay
Grieve of you must.
Hurt if you need to. Cry all you want.
But it will get better.

Allow your hurt friends to grieve, and be sure to offer all the support you can, including just being there, even if they just need someone to cry to.

Love Always 




Kimberley Champagne

Hey, I’m Champagne. I’m a professional performing violinist, book lover and cat mama. I’m totally sold out for Jesus. Founder of Women With Grace and Kaleidoscope Kenya. African Literature connoisseur. ❤️